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La mia storia


Marianna Mascari, an Italian artist, has carved a unique niche in the art world through her relentless exploration of materials and her knack for crafting immersive experiences that challenge conventional perceptions. Hailing from Europe, Marianna's upbringing amidst iconic cinema figures and cultural richness laid the foundation for her artistic journey.

Driven by a thirst for experimentation, Marianna has fearlessly ventured into diverse mediums, from the delicate intricacies of paper to the tactile allure of woven textiles, and even the raw beauty of sand. Her recent forays into wood and synthetic materials showcase her evolving artistic evolution, where each material serves as a canvas for her boundless creativity.

Now residing in Silicon Valley, Marianna finds herself at the crossroads of tradition and innovation. Inspired by the technological heartbeat of her surroundings, she embarked on a new artistic exploration that seamlessly merges craftsmanship with digital innovation. The result? "Iconic 3DPixels," a series that marries the nostalgia of iconic figures with the cutting-edge possibilities of multi-dimensional art.

Central to Marianna's practice is her commitment to patience, ingenuity, and creativity. Her works are not merely objects but gateways to realms where past collides with future, inviting viewers to marvel at the magic behind her creations. As she continues to blur the boundaries between art and technology, Marianna's influence on the contemporary art scene continues to grow, leaving an indelible mark on those who encounter her work.

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